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SENZI S-2 has been carefully designed and tested by our creative team to achieve the perfect balance and control . This traditionally hand made scissor is made with the finest quality of steel which proves its long lasting sharpness. Its custom made silhouette and style is best suited for precision cutting and attention to details, not forgetting its sharp and narrow point.

The scissor comes with a hand crafted genuine leather case, especially designed by us for you.

We only make a limited quantity per Year , check out also our Limited Metallic Black Edition





Special Features

Right hand
Super light
Ultra smooth cutting action
Slight off-set
Thumb Hole: This style of thumb grip has a slight bend at the back of the thumb ring specially designed by us. This allows the stylist to open the scissor using only the side of their thumb.
Finger rest: This type of finger rest is curved for comfort and it is not removable.

Good to Know

SENZI scissors are handmade in a traditional workshop in Japan. In general, scissors that are made in Japan are considered higher quality than their competitors. However, not all scissors made in Japan are authentic “handmade “ as it claims. We only retail a limited number of pairs during the year and that’s due to the mamount of time & manual hard work that is needed to design them from scratch. The logo is engraved carefully by the master craftsman who refuse to use any machines or lasers for printing. The experience , dedication and love that is put into this to create a one of a kind scissor is felt in our hands instantly.